Hello, World!

Welcome to the new swag store! It’s not fancy right now, but rather than make you wait for bells and whistles, we wanted to get it up and running as soon as possible, since people have been asking when they can buy sweatshirts for holiday gifts.

WordPress ButtonsWhy are we selling this stuff? First, because we love WordPress and we like having this stuff ourselves so we can show the world and spread the word. Second, because we send a lot of free swag to WordCamps and meetups around the world, which adds up. If this store winds up making a profit, it will help to offset the costs of those donations.

So! The products we have for sale are listed on the main page (some with multiple color choices). We’ll be adding more over the coming months, but this should be enough choices to get you started.

Things to Know about Shipping
We don’t have it hooked into live shipping rates through Fedex, UPS and USPS yet. The plan right now is to use USPS flat rate Priority Mail with delivery confirmation whenever possible, and whatever the next cheapest option is if USPS won’t work (for example, if you live on an island with no residential mail delivery and have to get packages via UPS or Fedex, like me). The shipping rates are based on USPS costs (the cheapest method).

Please identify “Within USA” or “Outside of USA” as your shipping method, and the appropriate flat rate will be applied.

For now we’re doing shipments twice a week, so we aren’t offering overnight shipping yet.

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